Iyengar Yoga


B.K.S. Iyengar was a yoga master and the father of modern Yoga.

His greatest gift was the teaching of skeletal alignment, the creation and renewing of balance in the body as well as the mind. To that he added the use of supporting equipment called props so that students could feel the poses and develop capacity to hold them without support. He died at the age of 95 in August of 2014. 

Mr Iyengar’s seminal workLight on Yoga, is the guide to yoga asanas or poses as well as to the other 7 limbs of yoga. His is a holistic method for alignment with the spiritual, physical and emotional and intellectual layers of oneself.

Certified Iyengar yoga teachers have over 1000 hours of training/mentoring for Level I Click HERE to learn about the different levels of Iyengar Yoga Certification. Professional development continues throughout ones teaching career. At the Intermediate levels (Level 2 and 3) training/mentoring exceeds 10,000 hours. We study anatomy, philosophy, kinesiology and practical teaching methods. We know how to teach safely. We can work with common physical problems compassionately and with care.

Mr. Iyengar’s method offers:

  • A safe, systematic progression of yoga poses to develop each student’s ability and skill
  • Sequencing of poses that develop strength, flexibility, stamina, concentration and physical alignment
  • Highly developed teaching methodology
  • Precise use of language
  • Demonstration and teaching of specific points
  • Individual attention and adjustment of students to feel the pose and stay safe
  • Use of props such as blankets, blocks, belts, bolsters and a rope wall
  • Qualified and rigorously trained teachers committed to excellence in teaching